Product Liability

Product Liability defense (Defective Products Law) falls under personal injury/tort law and is closely related to litigation law. It refers to the claims made by parties against the chain of manufacture (designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers) of products which have defects that allegedly harm consumers causing injury or loss.

A defective product is a product that causes harm, injury or some type of loss due to a flaw, error or weakness in the product, its marketing or use. There are three types of defects for Product Liability Claims:

The attorneys at Dorsett Johnson have experience in defending product liability actions while paying careful attention to the indemnity issues that frequently arise between defendants. The outcome of many of the indemnity issues that arise are determined by corporate relationships. In many instances, seeking indemnity may negatively impact business relationships while in other instances other parties should be held responsible. We pride ourselves on knowing the relationships of our clients and their vendors and giving sound advice on how to proceed in these matters.