Premise Liability

Premise liability refers to the set of laws that make an owner or possessor of land or premises responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons who are present on the premises. In many instances, Plaintiffs allege that the owner’s liability extends to more than just the physical building or surrounding area, but also to those public sidewalks in front of the property used for access.

Just as in the defense of many matters, premise liability requires a hard look at potential indemnity or summary judgment matters. For instance, contractors are regularly held responsible for their actions over the actions of the landowner. Each case requires a discerning eye.

Slip and Fall: Slip and fall refers to the area of law typically seen in premise liability cases. Regardless of the type of slip and fall accident sustained, the plaintiffs must demonstrate that the owner of the property is liable for the accident. To establish liability, they must demonstrate that the property owner did not exercise reasonable care, acted negligently or had constructive notice of the unsafe condition that caused the accident.

Attorneys at Dorsett Johnson are very familiar with the various intricacies of premise liability defense and regularly teach state approved continuing education courses to their clients. Our firm is a member of the Council on Litigation Management (CLM) and specifically a member of the restaurant and retail committee. Our firm is a member of the National Restaurant and Retail Defense Association and the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association.