General Civil Litigation

Dorsett Johnson’s litigation team handles the defense of lawsuits against corporations and individual clients brought by one person or entity against another person or entity.   With offices across Texas and in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, our goal is to align with our corporate clients’ litigation goals and philosophies to reach the quickest, most cost-effective and appropriate resolution, including trial by jury and appeals.  Often, when appropriate for our clients, cases are resolved early utilizing the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process.

Our team works with mediators across the state and are familiar with their various strengths and weaknesses in resolving disputes.  We recognize that each company has its own identity when it comes to dispute resolution and we first identify that philosophy.  For instance, some companies maintain a “lowest ultimate cost” identity which calls for the quickest resolution at the lowest cost.  Others take a more principal-based approach and seek to defend their cases to the end.  Yet others take a more business model approach which calls for a case by case analysis of the matter and how resolution is sought.